About John F. Kostyo

John Kostyo was born in Findlay, Ohio on February 9, 1955, as the second of three children born to Bob and Mary Kostyo. Bob and Mary were teachers for many years in Findlay City Schools.

In the Kostyo home, debate and the political process merged as events of the 1960′s and 1970′s unfolded. These many events continue to serve as a reference point for generations of Americans. Further, local issues as the collective rights of teachers and other employment issues were greeted at the Kostyo dinner table.

The Kostyo home was always a place for learning, growth, debate and values focused on the importance of family and individual rights. John attended Northview Elementary, Central and Glenwood Junior High Schools and Holy Spirit High School in Toledo. In 
addition, while in high school, John began to question issues important to Hancock, Hardin and Auglaize Counties.

In 1974, John began studies at John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio. In college John focused many of his studies on the people and politics around Findlay, Kenton and Wapakoneta in the 4th Congressional District. John graduated from John Carroll University with high honors in 1978 and continued his studies at Case Western Reserve University School of Law. He was admitted to the Ohio Bar and joining a Findlay law practice in 1981.
In 1984, John married Shirley Allgyre and later had two children. In a focus on family, John has developed a strong sense of basic values stirred from the passing of parents, conscious affirmation of family and experiences with government officials.

In the years of his law practice, John has represented a diverse range of individuals and businesses interests in private resolution, arbitration, mediation or litigation. John also taught “Business Law: Contracts and Negotiable Instruments” at Findlay College and The University of Findlay from 1981 to 1996.
John has assisted with youth soccer and baseball in Findlay; served for several years as Vice President of the UCOA Club, Chair of the Findlay Duck Unlimited Chapter; and has assisted in many church, school and community efforts. He presently serves on the boards of Advocates for Basic Legal Equality, Inc. (ABLE) and Legal Services of Northwest Ohio (LSNO).
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